Star Characters

Hello my name is REI and that means courtesy.



COURTESY means being polite to everyone at all times, Doing the right thing at the correct time, even with your little brother or sister!

I always like to bow when I meet people, or you could shake hands, and tell them my name.




Hello my name is KOH it means piety.



Piety is about learning to believe in yourself and having the strength to complete everything you begin.

I like to push myself to greater things.





Hello my name it GI and it means honour.




Having Honour means to ensure that you do not hurt anyone on purpose, that if you do wrong you own up to the mistake and say sorry.





Hello my name is SHIN which means trust.rs_green


Trust is about believing in yourself as well as trusting that others will not cause you any harm.

I trust everyone except when they are strangers and I do not know them.




Hello my name is JIN and it means compassion.rs_blue


Compassion is about helping others who are in pain or suffering.

I am always their to help my family and friends when I see that the are unhappy.




Hello my name is CHI which means wisdom.



Wisdom is about making the right choice, knowing when something should or should not be done.

WISDOM is having experience and knowledge and using them in the correct manner.





Hello my name is CHU and this means loyalty.


Loyalty is all about being true and faithful to your friends and family.

Being loyal I am always helpful to my family and friends.









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